TOOLPRESSE - Pecas Metálicas por Prensagem, Lda

TOOLPRESSE is a SME based in the south of Portugal, in an automotive industry region. It’s part of a small group of SMEs, all industries dedicated to the development and manufacture of metal parts and special devices.

Our main market is the automotive industry and we’re looking for to extend to aeronautic. We hold ISO/TS 16949 international certificate nr. 125120.
TOOLPRESSE’ activity is tooling and stamping of metal sheet up to 8mm thick, welding and assembling of metal sets and subsets, supporting the upstream and downstream of design, manufacture and testing dies to production. Our quality guaranty check is equipped with CMM 3D, microscope and macrograph, ensuring class A security auto parts.
Since 2011 we’ve been developing a new technology for the insertion, by crimping, of tubular axles in parts, directly in the progressives dies. The study and the project are now ready to enforce in the next dies.

TOOLPRESSE roe in the consortium mostly is mainly as end-user. Provided inputs on real or experimental cases or specifications and providing parts or products stipulated by RTDs. TOOLPRESSE offers the knowledge collected during >20 years’ experience in tooling and stamping (and special parts/prototypes by their manufacturer partners).
TOOLPRESSE position in the market may helped ascertain the advantages of the electromagnetic pulse technology potential versus conventional joining technics, aiming an industrial general application.


Optimization of Joining Processes for New Automotive Metal-Composite Hybrid Parts
Collaborative Project - FP7-2013-NMP-ICT-FOF(RTD)
GA nr.609039