REGENERACIJA and its expert co-workers have been successfully producing protection coatings for wood and other materials as well as products made of polyester laminates and thermoplastic material for the 20th year. The quality certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 are the quality guarantee and confirm our mission to maintain the nature clean and safe from dangerous substances.

As our customers show us confidence through good cooperation, we have decided to offer them some additional products, such as parquets and other products for home and industry and thus follow our goal – to satisfy the needs of the customers.
We moved to a new location in Lesce in 2000 with new and bigger spaces and therefore enlarged the capacity and productivity. We produce and trade our products abroad as well. Our plans for the future are compatible with our so far existing vision, an additional challenge being the entrance into the Russian market and a more active breakthrough into the EU market.

REGENERACIJA performed some tasks in WP2: market analysis, WP 3 and 4: development of composite isolative material, and WP5: processing scale-up. Besides that, it will also be involved in WP6: project management.
REGENERACIJA has knowledge about composite materials and development of products made of this material.
REGENERACIJA not only produces products from plastics material, but as well takes over construction projects that involve building of our products, therefore we have in depth knowledge of the field of construction. We also have all the needed equipment and experts who know how to use it, so we are very appropriate as a project partner in MetalMorphosis project.

Optimization of Joining Processes for New Automotive Metal-Composite Hybrid Parts
Collaborative Project - FP7-2013-NMP-ICT-FOF(RTD)
GA nr.609039